Climate and culture

Culture and engagement differentiate companies

Organisational culture, climate and engagement are interlinked and one of the most complex and impactful challenges for any organisation. This combination negatively or positively defines how an organisation acts (often unconsciously), determines individual and collective behavior, and impacts strategy and implementation.

Understanding your organisational culture and either reinforcing it or changing it to a more desirable state is an ongoing challenge for HR, particularly if you want to be competitive in the labour market.

Companies aspiring to attract and retain the very best talent are conscious of creating a culture that is aligned to the stated values and a climate for achievement and growth create a strong employment brand and drive higher levels of employee engagement.

In the virtual, highly connected world, all parts of your organisation are accessible potential employees in their quest to identify if they want to work for your company. Recent research of 46,000 job seekers showed 48% of job seekers research your organisational values to identify if they want to work for you and 31% search for information about your culture.

We recommend that you undertake a stock take of your organisational culture (and where you want it to be) and identify the climate and levels of engagement. We can support you through all parts of this process.

Engagement strategy

The level of employee engagement directly impacts the success of your organisation.

  • 80% of employees dissatisfied with their direct manager are also disengaged (Carnegie)
  • 69% of employees say engagement is an issue where they work (Psychometrics)
  • 28% of Millenials believe their skills are being properly utilised (Deloitte)
  • 18% of managers display a talent for managing others (Gallup)
  • 13% of employees are engaged globally (Gallup)

There are a number of ways we can work to support you to lift employee engagement by:

  • Conducting climate or engagement surveys
  • Developing or supporting you to develop improvement plans from surveys you have already conducted
  • Supporting integrated talent solutions that address career planning, branding, communications, learning, leadership development and performance to enhance engagement levels

Organisational culture

"If you have been trying to make changes in how your organization works, you need to find out how the existing culture aids or hinders you." 
Professor Edgar Schein, MIT Sloan School of Management

Organisational culture is one of the biggest challenges confronting the HR function and more broadly, the leaders of the company. It has the capacity to drive the right results or steer the company in an unintended direction contrary to what is written in the strategic plan.

Understanding your organisational culture by defining it and assessing how it supports or impacts performance is critical for every company or Ministry.

We can support you in these efforts. Our services include:

  • Auditing your organisational culture
  • Cultural realignment planning
  • Defining or updating organisational values
  • Culture change initiatives

Lifting employee commitment

Climate and Culture

Globally, many companies understand the impact of employees that are partially or fully uncommitted to the organisation, including lower productivity, higher absenteeism, lower job satisfaction, and ultimately less discretionary effort. Companies know that strategic engagement planning is critical, but must be matched with practical initiatives to increase commitment and engagement:

  • Comprehensive learning and development programme
  • Large-scale team building days
  • Clear career laddering
  • Access to coaches and mentors
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Self-organising work planning
  • Flexible and multi-modal work arrangements

We would be happy to discuss how we support you with exciting options for your employees.

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